Board Members

Indianapolis City Ballet is a not-for-profit institution recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under code 501(C)(3) and the Attorney General of the State of Indiana. It relies on a Board of Directors made up of volunteers charged with the leadership and stewardship of the organization. The current Board of Directors is:

Executive Committee
Acting Chairman: Jane Fortune
Treasurer: Joseph Blakley
Kevin Hesse (ex officio)

Board of Directors
Casey and Leslie A. Blake
Joseph Blakley
Greg Dawson
Jane Fortune
Jock and Penny Fortune
Pamela Fortune
Richard H. Fortune
Robert Hesse
Muffi and Jim James
Dr. Jennifer B. & Jeffrey L. Kittle
Drs. Matthew and Jennifer Priddy
Joan SerVaas & Larry Roan
Laura and Will Weaver
Kevin Hesse (ex officio)

Honorary Board
Mark Holeman
Anna and James White

Advisory Board of Directors
Dean and Suzanne Apple
Ruell Fiant
Larry Blaszczak