Indianapolis City Ballet seeks to serve as a ballet center in the Midwest; to produce or present ballet works of the highest standard; to grow the marketplace for dance; to provide educational resources to the dance community and general public; to serve the people of Indianapolis and represent Indianapolis, through ballet, to the nation and beyond; and, through the artistry of ballet and the dedication of its artists, to inspire current and future generations to achieve their goals whether in or outside the dance world.


  • Conduct a strategic ramp-up of programming that draws on the capabilities of the organization and the emerging community to support a thriving ballet program with a goal toward placing a permanent company of international caliber at such time as it can operate in a financially stable manner for the long-term with healthy and sustainable levels of both earned and gift revenues.
  • Produce and/or present performances that are accessible, engaging and of the highest quality, and that represent Indianapolis in the ballet world as it brings the greatest ballet to Indianapolis; and to stretch the resources of the organization through outreach and education to add new and additional performances to build and serve a growing audience.
  • Utilize resources within the international dance world to provide exceptional opportunities that support the existing dance education programs in Indiana including an ongoing series of classes with the Master Teachers and Artists from outside the area.
  • Use low cost digital media as an additional component of all programs as appropriate to serve as an education and awareness tool that reaches beyond the local community and out to the world.
  • Create collaborative programs with other arts groups that result in new artistic presentations and engages a cross-over amongst audiences.
  • Design an educational platform that not only imparts the importance and beauty of dance as an artform and its place in history and society but also as an example of the value of dedication and commitment in whatever path one chooses and of the importance of physical activity and nutrition in maintaining a healthy body.
  • Continue to build a stronger base of support and operations while maintaining low overhead and putting funding into program, education and outreach.

A Perfect Balance from Indianapolis City Ballet on Vimeo.