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Patrick Dupond

Principal Dancer, and Former Director of the Paris Opera Ballet

PRODIGES-STUDIOPatrick Dupond is a former principal dancer and former director of the Paris Opera Ballet. A virtuoso dancer he was appointed an Etoile (‘Star’), principal dancer at the age of seventeen at the Paris Opera Ballet.

He began his dance career at the age of 10, entering the National School of the Paris Opera Ballet.  Prodigious from a young age, Mr. Dupond became the youngest dancer to ever be admitted into the Paris Opera Ballet, and immediately began to perform on stage.

At the age of only 16, Mr. Dupond performed ‘Star’ roles at the Paris Opera Ballet and in 1976 gained international acclaim with his victory resulting in the gold medal at the competition in Varna. This jump-starts his international career, and he is sought after for principal roles by ballet companies internationally. His technique while ‘classical’ still maintains and defends his French origins and foundation.

His immediate success in France however, did not limit him from gaining a renowned international career. From 1980, Mr. Dupond worked with the major dance talent of the day such as, Rudolf Nureyev, Maurice Béjart and Alvin Ailey.

At the age of 30, Mr. Dupond succeeded Rudolf Nureyev as the Director of the Paris Opera Ballet.  During this period, he also received several international honors for his artistic accomplishments including, Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor; Commander of Arts and Letters; and Knight of the Order of Merit.

Tragedy struck Mr. Dupond’s life in 2000, by way of a serious car accident.  Rehabilitation was long and difficult, but after a long recovery, he found his way back to the stage and performing, and it is during this time that he meets Leila Da Rocha, (choreographer and sacred dancer), and this produces a turning point in his life.

Their partnership is inseparable, and their combined talents have created several notable works, including the ballet,“Fusion”, which merges the cultures and sensibilities of the east and west.

During his entire formidable career he has performed on the greatest stages around the globe, with the most recognized talent the dance world could provide, and he will always remain an emblematic dancer with a very unique style and talent.


Indianapolis International Ballet Competition 2015 Coach