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Paul Ghiselin a.k.a. IDA NEVASAYNEVA

Prima Ballerina, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Ida Nevasayneva is a Socialist real ballerina of the working peoples everywhere. She comes flushed from her triumphs at the Varna Festival, where she was awarded a specially created plastic medal for Bad Taste.

Comrade Ida became known as a heroine of the Revolution when, after effortlessly boureeing through a mine field, she lobbed a loaded toe shoe into a capitalist bank.

Comrade Ida’s alter-ego, Paul Ghiselin, was born in Norfolk, Virginia and studied ballet at the Tidewater Academy and the Joffrey Ballet School. He was a company artist with the Ohio Ballet and the Festival Ballet of Rhode Island before becomming a Trock in May 1995.


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