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Wilhelm Burmann

Renowned Master Teacher

wilhelm-burmannMr. Burmann danced with New York City Ballet for 4 years, was a Principal Dancer for Frankfurt Ballet and Grand Theatre du Genève for whom he was also Ballet Master. He was a Principal at Stuttgart Ballet and danced for many other companies including Pennsylvania Ballet and New Jersey Ballet.

He has also been Ballet Master for Washington Ballet and Ballet du Nord and has personally coached many of the biggest names in American Ballet. Besides being on the faculty of Steps he has also taught on faculty at the Melissa Hayden School of Ballet, Harkness Ballet School and Ballet Arts in New York. He is a guest faculty member for a host of companies including American Ballet Theater, New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Milan’s La Scala and Australian Ballet to name but a few. The University of Iowa and Skidmore College’s Saratoga Program also benefit from his association with Wilhelm Burmann.

Mr. Burmann’s noted class epitomizes his teaching philosophy which he outlined for Dance Magazine in 1994.

The cost in the classroom for a dancer to become a professional is to become totally involved in all parts of the class from beginning to end, executing all the combinations rhythmically and with correct technique, avoiding difficulties, facing the possibility of failure, of looking awkward, learning to trust, to believe and to let go. When one is committed to this, one can do what one wants artistically. But without the illusion of beauty in all this, the work would be uninteresting. The idea is not to be beautiful but to give the illusion of beauty. This is the application of the principle of dance lifted to the ultimate.

Q&A with Wilhelm Burmann from Indianapolis City Ballet on Vimeo.


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